Energy Innovators

It is easy to get depressed about climate change.  We are told that it is the greatest challenge that faces mankind.  To save our planet, we are being asked to change the way we live our lives, reduce our carbon footprint, stop flying, buy locally, change our light bulbs, put down our car keys and pick up our bikes.  If you break it down, we’re basically being asked to think about Energy.  No matter what your viewpoint is about climate change, and whether or not you believe we are damaging our planet irrevocably, one thing is certain, we face some tough choices about energy.  And like it or not, energy connects us all; where we buy our food, what we eat, how we travel and how we choose to heat and light our homes.

This will be old news to those following my other blog, but for those who don’t know…I’m have undertaken a project called ‘Energy Innovators’.   It is a series of portraits of people who endeavour to come up with new and innovative ways of either generating or conserving energy  and who have a positive outlook on the challenges that lay before us. The aim of the series is to look beyond the negative aspects of the climate change debate and to show that there are people out there striving to find viable and clean solutions to our energy needs.

I’ve had the privilege of meeting with some great people so far, and I am about half way through the series.  Unfortunately, it’s a slow process trying to organise meetings with everyone as most of the people I need to meet are very busy.  But I’m hoping to have the series finished by the middle of 2010.  So check out my website for updates.


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