Ski Dubai

I managed to get access to take photos in Ski Dubai a couple of days ago.  It was definitely one of the more surreal experiences I’ve had…getting kitted out in ski gear and walking into a very large fridge in the middle of a shopping centre.  It was about 34C outside the day I went in, and I was told it was -4C inside.  I was very surprised to see how busy it was and it’s clearly a popular idea to go skiing after school or work.  The image above is of some of the large cooling units that line the walls of the ski slopes.

After 3 weeks, Uwe and I are leaving Dubai on Sunday.  I have very mixed feelings about the place.  Dubai is many things to different people and it clearly is a city that offers a lot of opportunity in the Gulf region.  Despite the recent problems with paying back their debt, I think Dubai is just experiencing a blip in its growth and it will continue to expand over the coming years.  There are too many people here who want to see it succeed and they have enough money and will power to see that it does.  In saying that, I will leave here slightly confused by the whole experience.  It’s difficult not to be struck by the contradictions and contrasts that exist here and it’s hard to know how the city will fare in the future in terms of its development of its society and its ability to get around the massive energy and water challenges it faces.


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