Stages of a Photographer and Ash Clouds

I found this here.  It made me smile.

I had a weekend of travel nightmares.  I had to get back to Ireland for a wedding last Thursday and got caught up in the ash cloud debacle that has grounded all the planes in the UK.  So I was forced to travel 15 hours via train and ferry over night to get there and then had to do it all again on the way back.  I was also supposed to be in Oman this week working for a client out there for 4 days but that has been delayed too.  It made me realise once again how dependent many of us are on air travel, and how we have become used to just being able to step on a plane when we need to travel.

To celebrate the quietness of the skies over London, I am off to Kew Gardens to experience how it must have been before the Heathrow flight path ruined it.

George Mombiot has an interesting take on the whole saga here.


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