Time to scan…

I have been pretty busy this past couple of weeks working on shoots in London. However, I managed to fit in a bit of relaxation and fresh air and went camping in the Lake District over the bank holiday weekend. A commission I’ve got in Oman has been delayed (again!) so I’ve found myself with some unexpected time to go through my negatives from my recent trip to Dubai. I’ve still loads to go through, but above are a few more scans. If you’re wondering what that weird space age thing is in the second image, it’s one of the new metro stations that have been built along Sheikh Zayed Highway that runs through the middle of the city.

On a different note, I read today that Newsweek Magazine is up for sale, so if there are interested buyers out there, get in touch with them fast.  It would be very sad to see a magazine like that go under.


2 thoughts on “Time to scan…

  1. Such surreal colors and clarity of a surreal place. Nicely captured, as always. I am happy to see your new work and blog.

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