Less is More

Patrick, Manchester, 1.55am, 3rd May 2010.

I have been pretty busy with work recently, so I’m feeling like a good yawn myself at the moment.  I was out working in Oman last weekend, and it made me appreciate the temperate climate we have here in the UK and Ireland.  It was 48 degrees C at midday there, a temperature my body is most definitely not designed to function properly at.

In other news, I’m going to be moving house in London soon, so I’m trying to slowly pack up my life and work into boxes.  A task I do not relish, as it makes me question the possessions that I truly need and want to keep.  I have to ask myself things like…. is it worth hanging on to 15 years worth of National Geographic Magazines just so I can fill an entire book shelf with them?  I’m also questioning the amount of hard drive space I should have.  I have managed to fill up nearly 500GB of space in the past month and the  7TB of storage that I have already is almost full.  One has to wonder how much stuff we need in our lives.  I’m beginning to fully appreciate the old adage that less really is more!

Harper Lily, London, 12.54pm, 7th May 2010


2 thoughts on “Less is More

  1. Love these T, you should do a series. Xx

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