Dungeness, four 5D Mk II’s and a flying french man

Surreal light in Dungeness.

I went down to Dungeness last week with photographer Alastair Thain,  a DoP and a few other crew to do some test filming for a promo.  I was interested in going along so I could try out my own 5D MkII and see what it was capable of when it comes to filming.  I have played around with a few of the canon’s movie features before, but have yet to do anything note worthy.  Despite some early protestations by the Dungeness Estate security guards about needing a licence to film on the beach, we managed to get a good day of shooting in.  I learned a tonne about what the 5D Mk II is capable off and learned some tricks off Ed, a very experienced commercials DoP.  I also got to see a cool plane that has a digital camera fixed on to it.  It has been designed to take aerial photographs and footage for clients who need site images or ‘fly throughs’.  It’s an amazing little plane, incredibly light and yields some fantastic images and film. It’s owned by a French company, but it is going to be on hire through Pear Tree in London very soon.  I’ll post more details when I get them.


One thought on “Dungeness, four 5D Mk II’s and a flying french man

  1. Oooo, me wantie, flying camera thingy! I must say I am also very impressed by the ladder tripod too. You must explain how that goes together.

    I very much like the light on your top photo. We have been getting some of that this summer in Ireland too. Got a nice shot of this type of light in Bray the other day, so had the added joy of seaside town Victoriana details too.

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