I went to see a UK premiere of Restrepo last night at Curzon Soho in London.  It was organised by The Frontline Club and they put on a great Q&A session afterward with the film maker Tim Hetherington.  I must admit I don’t usually rush out to see war movies and am against the principle of both the Afghan and Iraq wars, but this documentary is well worth watching.  Tim Hetherington is a UK photographer and now film maker, who went back and forth to Afghanistan with Sebastian Junger to document the American military campaign in the Korengal Valley, for Vanity Fair magazine.  What they managed to film is pretty unique and although it is shot from the American perspective, it offers an amazing insight into what the troops go through fighting the Taliban, and the difficulties they face trying to win over the Afghan locals who are stuck in the middle.  Since many of us have been exposed to war movies and violence from a young age it is important to remind oneself what you are watching is actually real, as opposed to a Hollywood set.  Anyway, I’d highly recommend going to see it, no matter what your viewpoint is on the war in Afghanistan.


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