Urban Blossom in North London

I had to drive up North last week, so I decided to swing by Derby city to check out the Format International Photography Festival. I had never been to Derby before, so it was a nice excuse to go.  There was some fantastic work on show and it was a real pleasure to wander round the city looking at the different exhibitions.  I particularly liked Zhao Ling’s city scenes, which he shot and filmed in China.  The festival finished on Sunday but hopefully it will return as strong in 2 years time.

March continued to be a pretty busy month, with a nice mix of personal work and shoots for RSA, Dragonfly and Barclays.  I’ve also had some constructive meetings with a few local community groups regarding my Cricklewood project and I’ve lined up a few shoots with residents nearby. So hopefully I’ll have some portraits to post up very soon.

I was at my Aunt’s 60th Birthday in Hereford last weekend, so I pulled out my large format for the first time in a while.  Now that we’re all getting older, my extended family don’t get together as much these days , so I convinced a few of them to stand still for some portraits in the evening light.  The two images below are of my lovely cousins Tammy and Josh.





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