Roma Tearne / Anfield

Roma Tearne, Oxford

I was recently commissioned by Albin Michel Publishers to photograph the artist and writer Roma Tearne at her home in Oxford. Although I didn’t have a huge amount of time with her we managed to squeeze in some interesting chats about her work and about the troubles in Sri Lanka.  As a consequence I’ve started reading her book Brixton Beach, and from what I’ve read so far, I’d highly recommend it.

I’ve been slowly scanning some more images from my recent trip up to Anfield in Liverpool to document the ongoing redevelopment of the area.  After doing some more research into the proposed plans, it seems there is a lot of anger directed towards Liverpool FC’s indecision over whether they are going to rebuild their stadium in situ or move it to Stanley Park nearby.  What they finally decide to do will have a huge impact on the surrounding residents and the direction of the regeneration.  Apparently some form of decision will be made in the next month.  Alongside this there is uncertainty over future government funding for the scheme and there is now a growing fear that these once busy residential streets will remain boarded up for years to come.  I’m now planning on visiting a number of other regeneration sites around the UK (there are several hundred) and documenting the changes taking place.  I’m interested in these areas that are deemed to be in need of redevelopment and how top-down regeneration schemes alter the urban environment and affect the communities involved.

Anfield, Liverpool

Lothair Road with Anfield Stadium in the background

Lastly, if you’re in London and are looking for some interesting photographic exhibitions to go to, I would highly recommend checking out Paul Graham’s show in The Whitechapel Gallery and Simon Norfolk’s new exhibition at the Tate Modern.  Both very different styles, but equally inspiring.


One thought on “Roma Tearne / Anfield

  1. hi Thomas
    love your work. do you remember me? Pondok Keladi Langkawi circa 2008??? where r u these days? London? cheers Moni

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