GEO / Iconic London & The Whitechapel Gallery

The Shard in GEO Voyage, March-April 2012 issue

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was commissioned by GEO magazine in Paris to do a series on iconic locations in London.  My images which I shot on large format, have just been published across 12 pages of a fantastic issue, which focusses almost entirely on the city.   The tear sheet above is of the Shard and opens the piece.  If you want to download a digital copy of the mag you can buy it here.

Trafalgar Square in GEO Voyage, March-April 2012 issue

I had some good news recently.  I have been selected by the prestigious Whitechapel Gallery in East London to be part of The London Open.  Images from my Athabasca series were chosen for exhibition and they will be up from the 4th July to the 14th September. This is the 80th anniversary of the Triennial exhibition and my images will be on show alongside the work of artists from a range of genres.  More details can be found on the gallery website here.

Following on from my previous post, below is a portrait of Carl, one of the last residents to leave the Ferrier Estate in south east London.  This was taken inside the living room of his apartment as he began to pack up his life.  Like a large number of residents in the estate, Carl lived for many years with the threat of eviction hanging over him.  He has fought hard to find suitable new accommodation to move into as he knows that once he’s allocated somewhere it’s incredibly hard to move again.  It’s very difficult for residents to navigate the bureaucratic council housing allocation system and to have one’s case heard properly and be treated as more than a number.

Continuing on with the series, I photographed and interviewed Mr. Tim Tinker, one of the original Southwark architects behind the Heygate estate in the Elephant and Castle yesterday.  We had a great chat and he gave me some unique insights into the ideas behind the design of the estate.  I’ll post photos up shortly.

Carl, former Ferrier Estate Resident, Kidbrooke

Lastly…I got news recently that the old Hendon FC grounds in North London, (not far from where I live) is under threat of redevelopment.  After Hendon FC moved from the site (due to bankruptcy) the old grounds have been left in ruins and have been squatted in by a large group of migrant workers.  Barnet Council wants to sell the site to developers to build houses on it, whilst local residents and green space campaigners want to see it retained as a community amenity.  The case is important because if Barnet gets its way, it has the potential to set a precedent over similar covenants protecting green space across the city.  Below are a couple of images I shot of the grounds. I will keep an eye on how things progress. More info can be found in this BBC report here.

Forner Hendon FC Grounds, Claremont Road
Hendon FC club house in ruins

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  1. Well done Thomas! Such great photos. x

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