Giuseppe Mascoli, Derren Brown and Patrick Hughes

Just a quick update with a few of the portraits I shot recently.

Giuseppe Mascoli, Brixton Market. Shot for the Independent on Sunday Magazine

I was recently commissioned to shoot a portrait of Giuseppe Mascoli, who owns the Franco Manca pizza restaurants in London. I photographed him at his restaurant in Brixton, where I’ve been going to for some years now.  I recommend going to check it out for yourself or alternatively you can take a class with Giuseppe and learn how to make his pizzas instead.

I was also commissioned to photograph Derren Brown and Patrick Hughes.  Many of you will know Derren from his tv shows on Channel 4, what some of you might not know, is he’s actually an artist as well.  Check out his blog here for some examples of his work.  Patrick Hughes on the other hand is a well known artist, who is famous for his ‘reverspectives’.  Anyone who has walked passed his studio on Great Eastern street in East London will have probably taken a peek in the window to see what’s going on.  If you haven’t, and you want to know what he’s been up to, watch this short video here.  Patrick will be holding open days at the studio on the 5th May, 2nd June and 7th July.

Derren Brown & Patrick Hughes Tearsheet
Derren Brown & Patrick Hughes. Shot for the Independent on Sunday Magazine.

Lastly, here’s a tearsheet from a shoot I did for the April issue of Modus Magazine.  For more images, you can view the online copy of the magazine here.

Modus Magazine Tearsheet


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