Cricklewood / Crystal Palace Subway / Flash Forward Awards

Meepali, for Mayor’s Office Outer London Fund / Cricklewood Improvement Programme

For the last few weeks I’ve been busy working on a large commission for the Mayor of London’s Outer London Fund.  I will explain more when the images are out in the public domain. In the meantime here are some portraits from two other recent commissions.  The first image is a portrait of historian Katy Layton-Jones photographed in the disused subway entrance into Crystal Palace Park in south London – an amazing space that local residents are campaigning to get reopened to the public.

Katy Layton-Jones
Katy Layton-Jones, Crystal Palace Park, London

The second is a portrait of up-and-coming musician Rafael Rozenson.

Rafael Rozenson, London

I have also recently been picked as a UK winner for the Magenta Foundation’s Flash Forward 2013, and one of my images from my series Electrosensitive has been selected for the Royal Photographic Society’s 156th International Print Exhibition.


3 thoughts on “Cricklewood / Crystal Palace Subway / Flash Forward Awards

  1. Well done’ve worked hard..they should certainly do something with the crystal palace space xx

  2. I went to the page where the photos are for the contest and I did expect to see the image of the young man sitting on the bed. Sure enough, there it was! I was very moved the first time I saw that image. It hits me really hard knowing he is so young, confined to this small space, as if an inmate in a penal colony. I feel much the same as an electrosensitive.person. I hope you win first prize. Thank-you for your work.:)

    1. Thanks for your kind words Laurie. Tim’s portrait has resonated with many people who have got in touch with me. He was very brave to talk openly about how electrosensitivity has impacted his life.

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