Aidan Gillen / Photoworks / Portraits of a High Street

Aidan Gillen, Dublin, Ireland

I’ve been working on some interesting and varied assignments over the past couple of months, while also continuing work on my documentary series on Electrosensitivity.  Here are a few snippets of what I’ve been up to.

The portrait above is of Irish actor Aidan Gillen, shot for the The New Review Magazine in the Independent on Sunday. He’s well known for his roles in The Wire, Queer as Folk, Love Hate and most recently Game of Thrones. I photographed him in my old home town of Dublin. I had read that he doesn’t enjoy having his photograph taken so I wasn’t sure what to expect when we met.  However, thankfully he was very generous with his time and was a real pleasure to work with. You can read the interview with him here.

Magazine spread from The New Review 15th Sept 2013



The last image deserves some sort of explanation. Before the shoot, when we were discussing what clothes Aidan should wear, he suggested that he bring a witch’s hat along with him.  I had assumed he was joking, until he turned up at the studio with a hat and wig and said he wanted to try them out in one of the set ups.  Despite playing some unsavoury characters on screen, it was nice to know he had a good sense of humour!

Click for my essay for photoworks - "Outliers in a Wireless World"
“Outliers in a Wireless World”

I was also recently commissioned to write an article about my project Electrosensitive for Photoworks. They commissioned three articles to coincide with the Brighton Digital Festival 2013 to offer ‘varied responses to questions on photography and digital culture.’  You can read my essay Outliers in a Wireless World … here.  I am continuing work on the second phase of Electrosensitive and am hoping to have some interesting updates before the end of the year.

The Royal Photographic Society’s 156th International Print Exhibition which I have images in has just moved to The Civic Gallery in Barnsley.  The exhibition will be on show there until the 1st November. It then moves to the Michael Heseltine Gallery in Oxfordshire on the 11th November until the 13th December. Go check out the exhibition if you’re near either of those venues at those times.

"Portraits of a High Street" Pop-up Exhibition - 26th September 2013. Cricklewood Broadway, NW2.
“Portraits of a High Street” Pop-up Exhibition – 26th September 2013. Cricklewood Broadway, NW2.

150 portraits of mine from a recent commission for The Mayor of London’s Outer London Fund will go on show next Thursday 26th September, at a pop-up Exhibition on Cricklewood Broadway in North West London.  The exhibition will run in conjunction with Spacemakers’ innovative Mobile Town Square, which you can read more about in this Creative Review article.   I will post up details of the time and location on twitter and facebook so keep an eye out there for updates. [UPDATE – 7/10/13: You can see images from the pop-up exhibition on my Facebook page here].

Lastly, I recently finished a very interesting and insightful book called The Spirit Level.  I’m sure many of you will have heard of it before as it made quite a stir when it was first published in 2009.  It has some very hard hitting truths about inequality in the UK and many other developed countries.  The book is not without its critics, but I’d highly recommend it if you haven’t read it already.  There is now a documentary film in the making to follow on from the book.

I will post up images from other recent assignments for Wired Magazine and Skype in my next post.



One thought on “Aidan Gillen / Photoworks / Portraits of a High Street

  1. Love the Aidan Gillen pics. Didn’t know he wears glasses, quite unexpected!

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